Our History

Our History Handcrafting premiuim-quality copper, iron, and steel products since 1952.  Metalaire Louver Company was founded in 1952 by Major Marshall Thompson. From the beginning Metalaire Louver was founded upon innovation, excellence, and service. In 1952 Major realized that the industry standard of wood louvers was unable to effectively ventilate a home and left the consumer with a short service life.Proving his draw to innovation, Major manufactured a metal louver. It was specifically designed for ease of installation into residential homes. Even when traveling, Major prided himself on a commitment to the consumer. While traveling through Memphis, Tennessee Major took his new louvers to builders who saw their superiority. As the Metalaire Louver Company has come to learn, our commitment to the consumer is always the best thing for the industry. Major's louvers quickly took over the market. 

A few years after our founding, in 1959, James Walker Rawlings, a local Memphis boy met…
Why Choose Copper?  3 Reasons Why We Use Copper1. Extensive Longevity and Superior Life Span

The secret behind copper's extensive longevity and life span comes down to a natural protective element. Copper's oxidation upon the exposure produces a thin layer of protective patina. This layer is a central element in keeping the metal underneath from natural wear, tear, and corrosion. This thin layer forms naturally and results in a range of hues in the blue to black and green to brown color spectrums. 

2. Unique and Beautiful Patterns
The change in finish can be noticeably seen in six months and it results in a magnificent pattern that is completely natural. The uniqueness and environmentally friendly approach to a finish is just one reason why copper is an industry favorite. 

3. Sustainable Material
Not only does patina give the installation a unique and beautiful look but it also results in a protective coating the keeps corrosion and damage from affecting the architectural metal.…